Martins Tech Garage
EKTOS has helped Martins Tech Garage to create an elegant Mini Display device
AirWallet ApS
AirWallet is a mobile payment system for shared laundries.
Geopal System
GP-NOVA is a gas detector designed towards SIL 2 and ATEX
EKTOS has developed a controller system for the innovative LifeCraft™ evacuation solution
Olympia Electronics
With TouchGFX Olympia's alarm and security system became much easier to control and configure
EKTOS has helped BeAware to create a sensor solution for real-time measurement of indoor air quality
Together, EKTOS and Dan Dryer have created a new generation of individually customizable hand dryers
CTcoin and EKTOS have developed the next generation of CTcoin’s coin counting technology
Inelco Grinders
Optimization of precision and safety through re-design of controller
The Cy-Stem developed with support from EKTOS gives vision engineers full remote control of cameras
NEAT Electronic
EKTOS is the only test lab in Denmark and Sweden offering accredited testing of “Social Alarms”
EMC, radio, and HALT test done by EKTOS TRS in close collaboration with customer
EKTOS has developed a smartphone app and a wireless communication protocol for e-bikes
Wear & Care Technologies
EKTOS has tested a wireless medical device that monitors adult diapers used in e.g. nursing homes
TROX Auranor
TROX and EKTOS have developed a smartphone app and a sensor for installing ventilation systems
LED iBond
LED iBond manufactures some of the world’s most sophisticated LED panels
Ergonomic Solutions
OpenSpace Duo shifts payment away from the cash terminal to the store floor
JH Agro
EKTOS develops control unit and wireless communication for the JHminiStrø feeding robot
EKTOS is testing Airtame 2 - wireless HDMI utilizing two different radio frequencies
EKTOS develops control electronics for hi-tech water taps from Akvatur
Alfred Priess A/S
Alfred Priess and EKTOS have improved the controllers with a GSM module and a SW module from Nabto
The collaboration between AlphaLine and EKTOS became even better after meeting the development team
EKTOS has helped Danfoss approve their products according to the new Radio Equipment Directive
The Danish company Grad has tried EKTOS prototyping services
Jeff Rowland
Jeff Rowland chose to use TouchGFX to create a unique and timeless interface for their amplifier
The Swedish company Powercell is now producing clean, hydrogen-fueled generators
Serenergy has drawn on our resources through several years of cooperation.
Roblon A/S
In only three months EKTOS delivered 930 lamp drivers and 230 controller PCBs to Roblon A/S.
Global Lightning Protection Services
The Lightning Key Data System® gives owners and producers of windmills valuable knowledge.
Mjølner Informatics
TouchGFX is a touch screen that offers the user design of high quality for low costs.
Alfred Priess A/S
EKTOS A/S has developed controllers for Alfred Priess A/S for their eco-friendly light columns.
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